@ShashaSelflove 2/18/16 Break Away


There is nothing wrong with forging your own path. Sometimes the traditional,  popular,  tried and tested journey isn’t for you. You simply are perfectly fine with having ice cream for breakfast,  go ahead and do just that. Carve away your own story, make it as unique as you are and allow the manifestation of your vision be true to you.

Scary,  the thought that you are about to embark on a path that many don’thave the audacity to walk, the path to self discovery, fulfillment and joy. Don’t allow fear to stop you from taking it all on, you are smart enough to know that allowing yourself to stop the stagnation in your life will supply you with the satisfaction you have denied yourself all this time. What are you afraid of? Maybe it isn’t fear at all.

It is comfortable,  to ride along without having to change up what you have going on now. You have carved out and existence that allows you to settle in and foolishly think you are winning. You collect items that bring you momentary joy, you have brief interactions that supply you with artificial human contact and you have tricked yourself into thinking that you are safe. You are in the most danger, for you have fooled yourself and everyone around you into thinking that you are okay, so no one can hear or see your screams for help. You aren’t happy,  you aren’t even content – you have become complacent with make shift infatuation of the real thing. Just like the Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas isn’t authentic, neither is your fulfillment.

So break away, it is hard, probably the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Refuse to have an average and submissive life. Rise above your fears, doubts and mistakes. We have so much to live for and so many thing yet to be done, welcome a change of mind so you can finally break away from the thoughts that are holding you down. Sing your own tune, even if no one likes the way it sounds and bring people into your life that will support expedition.  They don’t have to understand it, they just have to respect it and not make you feel corny for wanting to smile like you mean it. Embrace the you that is happy,  you can keep your tough exterior as long as it isn’t a front, just keep carving out your happy.

I want to see you radiant, I want to see you lose that lost look in your eyes and I want to see you allowing the right kind of satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. But you have to break free from what you have put in place to restrict you. I can only urge you and cheer you on. Big hug!

Share and Comment! Follow on IG, Twitter & Pinterest @ShashaSelflove and on WorldPress@ShashaSelflove

Share and Comment! Follow on IG, Twitter & Pinterest @ShashaSelflove and on WorldPress@ShashaSelflove

8 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 2/18/16 Break Away

  1. I will refrain from using FDR’s line, but fear is an incredible inhibitor. Fear of failure, fear of breaking a comfortable routine, fear of bettering ourselves. Not caring about what other people may be thinking about your expedition/exploration will go a long way in finding a new path for yourself. Great post.

    1. I will say it over and over, fear is a liar! It will manipulate you into thinking you can’t when you can, we are all capable of greatness and fulfillment! Thanks for checking in and your comment, always welcome!

  2. Beware the prism of the imagination! Seven books in, I no longer see the world in natural colour, or seek the truth that lies beneath the carpet of the seasons. Imagination can become a prison in itself, and those around you deserve their place in the plot.

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