@ShashaSelflove 1/28/16 Why

You have been working so hard, dedicated to that goal that you see ahead of you. You plan and execute, moving forward slowly and making progress every step. You learn that as you go, not all will cheer you on – many are not holding their breath to see you make that next jump, they are waiting to see you fall between the steps. Whereas you intended your struggle to inspire motivation, it has inspired envy – it wasn’t your intention but it has happened.

You are going to have your set backs, which isn’t to be unexpected nor should it be unwelcomed. Embrace the sweat coming off your brow, allow the challenges to continue to mold you and practice wound care frequently. You are on your way. Set backs are a way of keeping you sharp, humble and grounded. Make every effort to keep the right people around you – they will keep you focused, they will make you laugh when you don’t want to, the will remind you of how far you have come. You will need a hug or two along the way, it helps take the edge sometimes. And by all means, don’t keep “yes” people around you, you don’t need to be pacified – you need to be challenged.

It is the fighter in you that makes you keep going, it glows a fire within you that no one else understands. They know very little of it, what pushes you to continue forward is a motivation to get to a very sacred plan in your heart. No one really needs to know where you are headed to, they will ask, they are curious and hungry to hear the goal they want to criticize and mock. Your journey is for you and no one else will ever understand how passionate you are, especially when they do not know what it is to have your focus or your drive and hence, they will ridicule you at every chance they have. They will sneer and satirize your efforts and are positioned to pounce and seize the opportunity to make you look like you are a fool for pursuing something valuable.

Here’s the thing, they don’t need to know the why. They will ask, “Why are you doing that?”, you are not obligated to answer. Answering the question only confuses them further because they don’t understand (and never will) that fire inside of you. Also, answering gives them ammunition against you. Whether you are going back to school or getting fit, those that are envious will find fault in everything you do no matter how positive it may be. They aren’t brave enough to take on their own goals, hence they don’t want to see you accomplish yours. Now don’t get confused, there will be moments where you should question the steps in your journey, just to make sure you are going about this the right way. Check in with yourself frequently, don’t give yourself excuses for nonsense.

The “Why” is yours to answer, it glows in your eyes and when you think of it you can feel it warm your tired soul. While on the journey towards your accomplishments you will experience sleepless nights, heartache, betrayal and many cold shoulders. Let your fire comfort and warm you, rest assured that you will reap the rewards for staying on course. It isn’t easy, nothing worth doing ever is…Big Hug!

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11 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 1/28/16 Why

  1. Hello love 🙂 You followed me a couple months back, and I apologize for not returning the favor. I have not been on in a while! With that being said, this is a lovely blog, and I love the messages you discuss 🙂 This one resonates with me particularly at this point in time. I look forward to reading more of your posts, and wish you all the best!


    1. No worries Courtenay, it is great to hear from you. This particular blog was about someone in particular and I am grateful that is spoke to you as well. The human experience is what ties us all together, thank you for following and the comment, I look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Kimber, I am so happy it spoke to you. We go through so much and it is good to know that someone else can relate! All the best!

    1. Hello there hopeful, I appreciate you checkong out the blog, so thrilled that you got something from it!

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